Topic: Alzheimer communities in SE Europe - the new vision

Author: Osman Kučuk ;   Coauthor: Emina Kučuk

Institution: Center for dementia Sarajevo

Background: Due to demographic changes in SE Europe aging have accelarate pace. Until 2030., percentage of older adults will be 30% of total population what is twice as big as average world percentage and almost twice more than 2010. In the same time life expectancy will be 78 years and it is 17 years more than 1991. when happened social changes in SE Europe. Expect age of population is 47 years and it is on top of functional adjusted environment. Until 2030. SE Europe will lose 15% of population due to migration and deaths</span><span>(UN DESA 2015). BiH has 150.000 peoples living with dementia(Kucuk 2015). These facts will have a strong impact on the life of older adults and people living with dementia. It will change their requests and they will need to adjust their habits and way of life.

Method: The research will compare today's way, organisation and opportunities for life of people living with dementia versus possibilities by the system in regarding with recommendations by WHO (Global strategy on Aging and Health 2016.-2020.). We shall compare current level of services and others versus needs of people living with dementia that will be satisfied through self- sustainable system, the system that will be functional for the time of emergency conditions, on base of non-pharmacological approach and in accordance with needs of elderly.

Results: In considered cases, today’s systems do not provide the essential services that are in accordance with principles of good health, well being for people living with dementia and don’t reduce inequalities with other groups. But the new housing solution ensure foster the abilities of people living with dementia, deliver person centred integrated care as well as long-term care and other solutions for everything what current systems cann’t.

Conclusion: Considered new housing system offer new hope for people living with dementia and it’s in accordance with the recommendations of WHO. The solution will be implement for the first time in Sarajevo, BiH, and would be pilot that will help to decision makers and politicians to make datas analyses. They can support solution and adopt for wide using that will be supported and included through the systems: health and social care and insurance.