Life with dementia should not be scary story without dignity and burden for the rest of family

This is a whole new Concept of housing for older adults, people with cognitive decline and even people with dementia.  

We perceive that current system doesn't satisfy the minimum needs of older adults, there fore, we decided to develop a new vision of life for older adults, people with cognitive decline and dementia.

The new concept is designed to older adults and people living with dementia that want to have organized life in community, independent but stimulating, that need support and help, that want to age together with partner but not in nursing or retirement home. This model offer overcoming problems with which meets people living in nursing homes and to solve problems of people living in own homes alone or with partners.

The new Concept offers this new vision throughout a way of housing and care that didn't exist till now. It improves the quality and provides dignified continuation of life without fear and uncertainty what the future will bring.

The Concept should overcome the problems of society faced by the elderly and related to access health care and social programs and the provision of care in case of illness and loss of some function.

It is a cost-effective way of life for the elderly. Living together neutralises the shortcomings of their own homes and conditions in which they lived and makes it easier to meet their needs.

This project will be piloted in Sarajevo and will be the part of a huge project that Centre for dementia want to implement in Region of SE Europe.
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About us

Who we are?
Centre for dementia Sarajevo in collaboration with international team of experts (practitioners & academia) with long-term experience in the field of dementia care.

What is our vision?
Our vision is establishing a community for people who experienced cognitive decline or dementia, where they would experienced improved life quality, get dignity and have treatment that is avoiding unnecessary use of medication.

What is our mission?
Build the pilot facility in Sarajevo and in the next ten years established network of communities, at least 25 units, in SE Europe.

What is our advantage?
A similar project doesn't exist in Europe!

Why we do that?
Regional problem is loss of residents due to migrations and aging and increasing of number of people with dementia (PwD)


Osman Kučuk

Team Leader

Currently, director at Centre for dementia in Sarajevo. He is creator of the Concept and Project coordinator.

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Safet Zečević

Financial manager

Currently, financial consultant at Inposis doo. He leads the financial segment of the Project.

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Marc Wortmann

Project manager

Wortmann is global consultant for the NGO sector in the dementia field. He prepares and submits project proposals to various foundations and promotes the project concept in Western Europe.

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Damir Petrinič

Sales manager

Damir leads Sales Department. He is in charge of contacting interested Investors or Partners.

Community for Older Adults suffering by Cognitive Decline - pilot settlement in Sarajevo; BiH We are looking for Investor/s,

Life with dementia shouldn't be scary story without dignity and burden for the rest of family!


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