Dementia at the time of Covid-19


This document was created in response to the current situation regarding the Crovid-19 virus pandemic. Drafting of this document is essential in order to helped the relevant Ministries of Health and the Ministries of Labor and Social Policy to organize the protection of persons with dementia after WHO has issued recommendations for preventive measures to prevent large-scale epidemics and the Crisis Headquarters ordered movement bans, orders for self-isolation of unconfirmed cases of infection and mandatory isolation of confirmed cases of virus infection. Namely, all the proposed measures by the Crisis Headquarters, Ministries and local governments bodies completely bypass and do not recognize persons with dementia but also their families and carers as vulnerable group, although, this population group is numerous. This violates their human rights and leaves them unsupported. Therefore, with this document we want to bring dementia closer to the authorities and to provide them recommendations how can they do to help and facilitate to people with dementia who lives alone, with spouses or inside family. These recommendations need to draw attention on dementia issue, and on the first hand, help to all parties and facilitate these situation through reduce the number of bad and adverse outcomes. Also, the document can be printed and distributed as a guide to families with dementia affected person.

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Director of Center for dementia

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